About Us

Vision and Mission

We hope for all students in SJC to be provided with adequate support in all areas of growth, no matter it be academic, mental or social, so that students can be nurtured healthily into responsible and morally upright personalities with a strong mind to overcome challenges and retain their core values they have grown up in.

Our mission is to support Josephians in areas of academic, moral and health development. Our mission is achieved when Josephians (i) acquire healthy dietary habits and possess awareness about personal hygiene; (ii) are engaged and active in studying with a positive learning attitude; and (iii) are loving and caring and possess correct moral values.

What We Do

Executive Committee

President XU Zhiyin Tom
Vice-President LI Chak Hang Jacob
Director of Academics CHEUNG Chadwick Corwin
Director of Value TAM Siu Chit Redo
Director of Health CHAU Adrian Yan Chak
Director of Design NG Pak Yin Adrian
Secretary-General DOSHI Aadi Kintankumar
Secretary-General CHAN Etto
Director of Digital Transformation CHOI John Nathaniel

Board of Teachers

Teacher-in-charge Ms Rani Suen
Secretary Mr Wong Anthony
Treasurer Mr Chu KH
Commitee Members Ms Chan Chloe
Ms Shum Jessie
Ms Wong Wendy
Mr Law Fortress
Mr Mak Derek
Ms Ngun Sylvia
Ms Ip Wun Ling
Mr Chan Leo
Mr Wong Sunny